$318.00 USD

"The cornerstone of this project, JWM has been family owned and producing hard-wearing woolen outdoor gear since 1842. They were the very first company we reached out to for our Homegrown project because I’ve dreamt about working with them about as long as I’ve been designing clothes. Shortly after my initial cold email, I received a call from an unknown number with a VT area code. ‘Kenny?’ How does this person know I used to go by my middle name? ‘It’s Gene Richards.’ Mr. Richards lived across the street from me growing up and was the father of my childhood skate homie Eugene. ‘Got your email. We bought Johnson a month ago and we are wide open. Come home and let’s get to work.’ An auspicious start.

Shortly afterwards, my team and I were six hours north with my old friend and his father, digging through rolls of vintage woolens and incredible old garment patterns developed for some of our favorite Japanese brands like Nanamica and Nepenthes. We had only planned on developing one style, but once we saw what Johnson was capable of and what the Richards were willing to put into it, we couldn’t resist adding two more.

Named for the street the Richards and I both resided, the Summit Cargo marries the details of JWM's iconic hunting cargo with the subtle volume and ease of our Vetti balloon pant."

-The Management

Proudly made in Vermont.

This garment runs small to size.  We recommend sizing up one size.