$38.00 USD

When you hear the words ‘Cabot’ and ‘Vermont’ in the same sentence, what do you think of? Probably cheese, right? Not us. No shade to Seriously Sharp Cheddar, but our first thought is impossibly good socks.

Founded by Marc Cabot in 1978, the Cabot Hosiery Mills built a substantial business producing socks for some of America’s largest retail chains until the majority of those companies began cutting costs by shifting production overseas. In 2004, faced with debt and declining sales, Marc’s son Ric decided to shift the Mills’ focus to developing their own product under a brand name that would be synonymous with the standard of quality they were known for: Darn Tough. Today, they offer what we believe is the best performance sock available anywhere. It’s knit from a merino wool blend that never slips or bunches and naturally wicks moisture, keeping your feet dry through all weather conditions. They’re so overbuilt and durable that they’re actually guaranteed for life. If one develops a hole, they’ll send you another pair, no questions asked.

We never thought we would ever skate in wool socks, but we’ve genuinely never worn anything like their 1466 Hiker. We’re so thankful to have the opportunity to run our own. The initial plan was to run these as a three pack but packaging challenges made selling single pairs make more sense.  Regardless, trust us when we say you need all 3.

Proudly knit in Vermont.  

Size M fits a US Men's 8-9.5.  Size L fits a US Men's 10-12