A Closer Look | The 18 East x Standard Issue Printer's Tee

by Antonio Ciongoli


For our second collaboration with Standard Issue, we followed up on an idea from our initial 18 East trip to India.  While visiting our block printers in Jaipur, we noticed the artisans using cuttings of pristine white cotton to clean their hands after mixing each new color to be blocked.  At the day's end, these bits of pigment-splashed fabric reminded us more of Pollack's canvasses than the hand towels they actually were.  With this in mind, we sent these same printers fifty of our favorite tee - Standard Issue’s LA-made, ten ounce, ring-spun white cotton - and asked them to swap their cotton for ours.  The end result is our Printer's Tee, available in white and three dip indigo.  Each one unique, like a wearable canvas.






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